For all the parents

breathlessphoto transfers, gesso/salt texture, acrylic, pen on w/c paper

Breathless. . .the waves of their leaving crash and i come up gasping. . .my two young men, stepping into that vast ocean of life where i will not be able to save them.

If you’re a parent I’m sure you can relate.  My boys are 17 and 19 now, though as you can see in the picture, they are still all the ages that have come before, images preserved forever in a mother’s safe keeping.  One is far away in college, the other at home, barely, and living his own life, driving around on these perilous country roads. . .gulp.  Breathless sometimes.  That’s me.  Why do we hold our breath as though that holding could stop the motion of life so that we could take a minute to get used to the changes?  Just a minute, really, and then I’ll breathe again and be ready for the next development.

All is well with them at the moment, truly,  and I breathe – for the moment – deeply and trust.

And a big compliment from Andy (pictured upper left with the glasses at 5) – he has commissioned me to paint him a Bob Marley-esque rastaman in my abstract style and given me a collection of his favorite Reggae music to inspire me.  It doesn’t get much better than that.



  1. Hi. I also have two boys, ore young men, 18 and 20 years old. Usually they sit by the computer and study, looking at “you tub”, talking to friends. (Sometimes I think they are to lonely…)Right now I know what they do and where they are. But soon, when they not living at home anymoore… I can´t always have them under my wings….
    I love your work, like your technique. Can you live as an artist ore do you have other jobs to?

    If I had talent I would do more with my interest of art and creative activity.

    Best regards from me!
    Lola in Sweden :o)


  2. Hi Susan—
    I have no children of my own, though good friends have generously (okay, sometimes gratefully) shared theirs. So I do know about the ties that bind. I know enough to feel enough to be made breathless by your post. I keep going back to look at the collage; in a word, spellbinding. You give away your truths like the precious things they are. Thanks so much.


    1. We all have these deep family attachments that take our breath away. Heck! Life takes our breath away. THat’s why I like the way Skype lights up my computer screen when it’s loading with the word “Breathe!” We all need the reminder.


  3. Gulp-indeed! What I want to know is, does it ever really not cause the gulp? Mine as 34 and 29, I still worry over them, want to help, teach, etc! Oh, well- that’s the lot of us moms I suppose!


    1. And all of us moms have at one point or another believed that we would be “done” parenting at some time, only to have the heartstrings pulled on a continual basis!


  4. You are breathless, and I’m speechless!!!!! Gee, this is a very powerful piece, and it’s not freaky or gloomy, it’s full of life, and light, the power of the ocean and its light… Beautiful work!!!!!


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