I was a third grade kiss up

3rdgradecollage, inks, acrylic, pen on w/c paper

i was a third grade kiss up goody two shoes brown nose (with horns in my backpack).

It’s true I guess.  And to this day I would have regrets about all the fun missed if i hadn’t managed to make up for it somewhat later on. My mother was a third grade teacher – not mine mind you – but she had a reputation to uphold and I was clear about my part in that.  But none of that explains why this goofy horned creature appeared out of nowhere onto my paper and demanded that I cut up an old grade school class picture.

I have now achieved the reputation in my little family at least of being the rule breaker, always ready to bend boundaries, make up my own definitions for things, my own weird recipes, and stubbornly contrary opinions (at least that’s their perception)  The horns of the matter no doubt.  And isn’t it quite obvious here how absolutely delighted I am with these horns. . . still trying to make up for being an incorrigible goody two shoes, no doubt.



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