Upstaged by a plant

passionPassion vine outside my studio

You have to walk down a pathway to get to my studio from the driveway.  For some students carrying bags laden with art supplies it can seem like a gauntlet, mainly because Phil, our love starved cat likes to throw himself down immediately in your pathway so that you either stop to pet him or trip over him at danger to yourself and him.

But this past weekend there were additional obstacles to making it to the door of the studio.  The opening between the house and studio building affords a lovely view of the agricultural plain and mountains beyond.  And the fall colors in the trees and vineyards are beginning to peak. So while Phil was rubbing himself up against their legs, the visitors were whipping out their cameras to capture the color.  Then as they passed the front of my studio the Passion Vine, that most brazen of plants in my garden, was casting its spell so that each person entered my door with a dreamy look and a finger pointed back to the vine outside and the words forming on their lips “What is that . . .?”  Then it would take a while for them to settle down and view the art!

Meanwhile the Passion Vine, which has been bewitching me for years now, has grown around my studio door and would, I believe, cover the interior walls if I didn’t close the door on it.  I looked back through my sketches and found this one from an early November a year or two ago.

passionvineX-rated.  Passion Vine – the sexiest (by far) plant in my garden, has been shamelessly showing off every day since I planted it, coyly hiding its blooms behind leaves only to pop suddenly open in such extravagent bloom that today I just had to succumb to the sketching urge. And while I was drawing some demure buds, they brazenly undressed, thrusting their reproductive organs to new altitudes and causing my drawings to look too prim and inaccurate.  I could try again, but you won this time, my sexy beauty.

Is it possible to be jealous of a plant?



  1. To be jealous of a plant?….maybe. To be jealous of your beautiful rendering – oh, yes! Your sketches not only capture the image but the vitality of your subject. Thanks as always for your inspiration.


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