ARTrails and synchronicity

It’s Sunday morning and I’m waiting for the next wave of art collectors to show up.  My husband Bob made his specialty, chocolate chip scones, so you may want to head over while they last.

People come to open studios to get their own creative gates opened up a bit wider, which often results in mine opening wider as well.  Especially when I get to observe the magic of synchronicity at work.

As in yesterday when I was talking to a Five Rythmns dance teacher about pairing  movement and art, and my partner in this plan, Mercy, walked in unexpectedly just as I mentioned her name.  Or later when I suddenly had an art therapist and two psychologists engaged in a lively conversation about art and healing.  And the two psychologists had just met up with each other in my studio (also unexpectedly) for the first time in 18 years!  There are more such stories and “coincidences” that pile up until one has to acknowledge that there’s a kind of energy vortex happening.

In the Muse groups we credit these occurances to the Muse(s) and leave it at that, as we sit there feeling a bit tingly.


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