the hazards of modeling


acrylic and pencil on w/c paper

Sometimes I wonder what it’s like to be a figure model – and I don’t just mean the taking off ones clothes in front of a mixed group part.  What happens to one’s vanity when one is young and beautiful and someone does a sketch like the one above. . .and there is a wisp of a likeness there mixed with a liberal serving of ones mother or grandmother in it.  Or when one has a perfectly proportioned body and a painting like the next here results. . .


acrylic, ink on w/c paper

I’ll admit I was getting bored with the same old poses I’ve seen forever in figure groups.  I was feeling rebellious, as in, let’s do something bold and a bit nuts and see what happens.

amfigure1acrylic and pencil

Maybe this one could be an add for a Bluetooth.  What do you think?



  1. Oh, my. How beautiful! What an exciting progression. Sorry, but you should get bored more often. Love your blog, love your collages. But the best is, you’re getting so very good at staying out of your own way. Ya know? ‘Course you do.


  2. I love the last one especially – not sure it’s right for bluetooth, maybe blue hair or blue you-know-what! Seriously, wonderful use of color and design. Boredom is the artist’s friend…


  3. i like your thoughtful comments, susan. anything – boredom included – that gets us to push beyond the usual is a gift. anna marie’s classic spanish hauteur can be beautiful! all three of your drawings have that. even the botox beauty. she’s just a little older than anna marie realized. i like ’em. i like your blog.


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