Eros and aphrodite

erosacrylic, image transfer, collage on w/c paper

Do you know the story of Eros and Aphrodite?  It’s all about what happens when a mother’s head is turned and her son gets into mischief, falling in love with a beautiful mortal woman (Psyche).  It’s giving her nightmares here.

Well, that’s one part of the story anyway.  The rest is my own version which has to do with having two grown/almost grown sons who are leaving home (me) in numerous ways – though neither has found his Psyche yet (I believe!).  My god, the stuff that comes out when you’re just minding your own business, playing around with art. . .I just realized that Andy turns 17 today. . .yikes!



  1. I love this. How you’ve managed to get such a range of pinks to work together with the gold as a link. The scale of Aphrodite as contrasted with the larger, pudgy Eros. There’s a nice circular composition, lots to see the more I look at it. I’d love to have this as the wallpaper for my pc homepage.


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