wundersuchtacrylic, collage, gen pen on Llama Li paper

Wundersucht, VOON-dur-susht, German – a passion for miracles

It is the hunger we have for mystical union.  In religion it is the core of Mysticism.  Most of us have it, because we figure there must be some solution to the dilemna of our existence, somewhere, sometime, somehow!

Miracles.  It was a miracle that I could finally stop working on this piece!  It had been worked and reworked for a long time and over time until finally there were so many layers that I had to stop today.

My own passion for miracles is very strong, but I believe in the everyday ones, like the rain today on our summer parched ground.  I believe in angels too.  Can you see her up there floating under the gold banner, holding her trumpet in hand?  My angels live in my family and friends and somewhere “out there” just out of sight.



  1. Susan, this is simply divine! As I continue to look at it, I see more and more hidden treasures all over the painting. So inspirational! I see bridges, nature, hope, faith, presence, the world, the sea, boats and love, big love! It feels very authentic! ~ Paula


  2. The comment of an abundantly fertile imagination!
    By the way, I finished the pages in your “Play a Little Muse Music” journal. That was fun! I won’t show it on the blog until you see it.


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