window of sky

windowofskyacrylic, collage, pen on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

There’s not a whole lot of time for serious or playful art-making this week.  My husband and I are getting ready for two weekends of open studios starting this weekend and yikes! There’s only four days left to clean the studios and garden and make signs and price and hang the art.  Come on by our studios if you’re in our Sonoma County, California area.  We’re only open like this once a year and even though we’re out in the country, we have a steady flow of visitors we enjoy meeting and sharing our art with.

This “window of sky” piece started as a demo in the Tuesday Muse group.  Using Golden’s Light Molding Paste I stenciled on these square shapes for a random beginning, then painted liquid acrylics, developing the piece with collage and writing.  A lot of these contemplative art pieces take me to a serene place that feels prayer filled, but the path to get there is more about play and allowing images to appear.



  1. It’s beautiful!! I can’t find any other word!! It’s a wonderful picture to keep in one’s mind for those dull and boring days!!!!!! It is so uplifting!!


  2. Hello my dear Susan!
    I had got it totally wrong somehow, i thought the Open Studios Days had started last weekend, and I was thinking of you and Bob all the time! Well, anyway, thoughts on you both are certainly not wasted… 🙂 but I will be with you again next weekend.
    I think I have abandoned myself any thought of exhibition outside from my gallery, I think I can;t face them any more. Too much unpleasant work, too much stress. Sometimes Kevin is trying to push me, but hasn’t much success with it!
    Beautiful colours and composition this piece… well, like most of the ones I see in your blog!


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