no creative blocks in this group!

musepamelaacrylic and various dry media, by Pamela

I just had to share some of the paintings from the Tuesday Muse group last night!  We started with a sensory awareness meditation followed by drawing with eyes closed, and then look what happened as we developed the paintings. . .

musemarileeacrylic and fabric collage, by Marilee

musemurielacrylic and pen, by Muriel

museagnesacrylic, oil pastel, collage, by Agnes

(Please excuse the clothespins on the top.  We hang them on the line to view them.)

musebonniecharcoal, acrylic, ink, stamping, etc. by Bonnie



  1. i had forgotten all about this! a dear friend left town unexpectedly for a long trip and i wrote:

    What was a fire became a tear
    Fancy that!
    What a way to fly into Fall,
    To fall into Autumn with
    An unexpected sorrow
    The eye that’s dry now weeps
    Fancy that!



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