figure marathon part 2

6bamg909charcoal and pastel on aged printed paper from a book

I tend to get bored when I’ve been working with the same materials for more than a couple hours.  Just my restless, changeable nature.  I really don’t know how the folks around me at the marathon could go all day with just their pencil or charcoal in hand, same paper, same stage to look at.  In my discomfort I start to drop things and knock things over and generally disturb other people unless I can think of something new to do.  Luckily I had brought some pages of my Illustrated Travels book to draw on.

7bamg909But then I ran out of that paper!  So I moved over to the 1 and 2 minute pose stage where space had opened up.  It’s kind of the opposite of warming up with the quick poses, which is what one normally does at figure groups.

8bamg909graphite and charcoal

Lisa, in jeans and a t-shirt was modeling with Coyote.  They did a kind of tug of war/bondage thing with each other that had so much energy!  Each impossible pose was held 1 minute, though it felt like 5 seconds.  So if you look in this drawing you will see maybe 9 different poses, which means the whole sketch took maybe 10 minutes!

And then suddenly it was over. . .and I was so exhausted. . .but I think if I’d left the charcoal in my hand, it would still be drawing.



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