everything is possible

everythingispossibleacrylic, collage, gel pen on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

Everything is possible when you unlatch the top of your head and let it spill out.  You become a child again with endless space to roam in.  Flowers spring up at your feet and you meet friends from other lands, from places lush and verdant, parched and barren.  You get to hold hands with girls and boys and girls who appear as boys, and boys who appear as girls.  A glance in the looking glass and it all melts into your face.

Everything IS possible of course.  I cut the words out of a magazine heading.  On another page were the words “Childhood needs space”.  Everything IS possible when you can make the space in your heart-mind to encompass it.

So at the moment I’m making space for the possibility of doing superb plein air oil paintings tomorrow.  My friend WRJones of On Painting fame will be visiting and I’m going to tag along and try painting his way.  I got out my old tubes of oil paint this morning and squeezed some out and within moments I had dumped half a bottle of linseed oil onto the paint to try to get it to MOVE!  Paint is supposed to move, not sit there in a glop.  At least that’s what the dominant (or domineering) side of my brain was singing.  The other part was hissing – “yeah!  thick and juicy, that’s the way we likes it!”

So, we’ll see.  For me to do oil painting is a lot like a fish walking around on land, but I will at least have Bill get a picture of me at an easel en plein air (and maybe he’ll let me switch his painting with mine for the blog)


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