Feather keeper

featherkeepercollage, acrylic pen, feathers, etc., 15″ X 15″

I needed a place to put the feathers that I’m always collecting, especially now that my beautiful Silver Laced Wyandotte and Plymouth Barred Rock hens are molting.  Then there’s the Canadian geese, egret and various assorted other bird feathers.  So, armed with an idea of an accordian fold book style I began with some thick handmade paper I had saved.  I deconstructed a early 20th century children’s book called “The Diary of a Goose Girl”  which was filled with drawings of geese and chickens and farmyard lore about them.  That and an equally aged piece of sheet music called “I Love You Little Girlie” served as the basis for the collage, which I went over with gel pens and acrylic glazes.  The names of my nine chickens are also embedded in the piece and it now hangs over my nature shelf.  The whole thing felt like such play, such unadulterated pleasing of myself.  Harmless guilty pleasure.



  1. I love your creativity, Susan, this is wonderful…. I never know what to do with the feathers I gather on my walks. Sometimes I put them in my journal… I really love the 3 dimensional art! E.


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