fires burn and prayer flags wave

voidink, acrylic, collage on w/c paper

A new Tuesday evening Muse group started this week.  I like to start off with inks dropped from a dropper onto wet shapes painted first onto the paper.  These are Higgins Fadeproof (and waterproof) inks.  Then I drop in some white acrylic which interacts nicely, when stirred a bit, with the wet inks because it is thicker.  I use a notched paint tool to get some texture.  Then let it all dry and find some collage pieces.  I have some oriental paper with writing on it and it seemed to match the theme that was developing so I positioned and glued it down, hoping no one would be offended if it was upside down.

Right next to me sat Agnes, who although a native French speaker, also lived in  Japan.  She sweetly informed me-  not only was the text Japanese, but it was upside down in one place, and she even recognized the text as a classic.   Well, at least it’s in the public domain and no one is going to come after me with a lawyer!

After we’d worked on our pieces for a while we did a 5 minute free write.  I was interested in discovering what my Muse might have to say about this unusual piece. I clearly had captured some impressions from the day’s news of catastrophic fires in California, hurricanes and oppression around the world.

He looks over his shoulder.  She looks up.  Are they being followed?  Is their card no longer valid, their faith no longer honored?  They look away from the crazy void, alternately in flames and that deep dark fathomless emptiness.  It’s just too much for now.  They needn’t worry however, for they stand in the shadow of a mountain, which through the eons has seen it all.  They string their prayer flags across the chasm from mountain peak to mountain peak, and the flags in their fragility tell the story of what must always be. . .the fires burn. . .the volcano erupts. . .the hurricane blows. . .

I ran out of time to get to the uplifting part.  Oh well, you can finish it for me.


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