summer’s over

summersoverHiggins waterproof inks, acrylic, collage on Llama Li sketchbook paper

Ben left for college yesterday; Andy’s back at school;  and summer is over.  This image was started while up in the mountains surrounded by pine trees, but today i knew how to finish it.

Summer’s over and I put my feet up, remembering the Sierra pines and granite rock.  With boys at school there’s time now to put my feet more firmly on a path of my own  making.  But look!  These feet float and the head is in the clouds!  Grab on and drag me down to earth.

. . .gently please.

Looking forward to resuming the Muse Groups!  There’s still space in the Tuesday evening group starting September 1 if you want to take your Muse out for a spin.



  1. It’s interesting how images say different things to different people. When I first saw this (remembering my love of the sun and all things summery) I thought the woman in the picture had been knocked flying by the force of an autumnal tree thrusting out of the ground at her feet!
    As if to say “WHAP!!-No more summer for you my girl!” …perhaps I need therapy.. 🙂


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