Carnelian Bay and tahoe city

tahoebeachwatercolor, Sharpee pen in Arches Travel Book

Bob and I just got back from a weekend at Lake Tahoe (CA) which is around 6000 feet elevation.  They say that if you were to tip the lake and pour the water out (you would have to be the size of several mountain ranges and out of your mind) that the water would cover the state of California in about 15 inches of water.  We could certainly use it.  The lake is big and just about everyone was out on it this weekend.

susankayakphoto by Bob Cornelis

Me, for one.  Note that I am covered from head to foot by sunwear. . .that fair skin, you know. . .not particularly fashionable, but then I didn’t get sunburned!  Bob says he can tell my kayak from a mile away because of my distinctive paddle style.  Ahem.  Or lack thereof.  As I was leaving the shore a guy was on his knees on a surfboard paddling with his hands and he soon left me far behind.

chipmunkphoto by Bob

We stayed in a condo surrounded by every type of Sierra tree and inhabited (they say) by bears and these cute chipmunks and bluejays.


paper prepared with watercolor and plastic wrap

Down on the beach at dusk at Carnelian Bay, watching the folks with their dogs and searching for heart shaped rocks to add to my new collection. Later I collected 18 inch long pinecones to bring home as well.



  1. Susan, there is one word that sums up that picture of you in the kayak, paddling off into the distance….Intrepid! Like some kind of fearless frontierswoman (though perhaps the ice-cream kiosk and tourist carpark is just out of shot!!) 🙂
    Lake Tahoe sounds idyllic – I guess that kind of place really re-charges your batteries.


    1. That’s what I always like to pretend Kev, that I’m the intrepid pioneer, like my great grandmother Anna Sorina from Norway who birthed 12 kids out in the frigid wilds of North Dakota. I just turn my head out to the lake instead of to the shore packed with families and houses and restaurants. . .


  2. Hi Susan,
    We should have gone kayaking when you were visiting here! I found a great spot on the South River(before the Bay Bridge) and close to the Bay. Then, you can sneak down to Annapolis and have a mediocre lunch on that little harbor. Or, shell out more greenbacks for a fabulous lunch. Then, fabulous ice cream eaten sitting on the cememt wall near the boats. Pretty good people watching….and dog watching,too. Good summer here. Hey, you’re an empty nester, right?


  3. Hi Susan!
    How cool these posts are! And I too, love the kayak shot! That is YOU! And I love the “distinctive paddle style…” well, yes.

    I am looking forward to seeing you, soooon!



  4. Hi Susan,
    My name is Jane and I’m with Dwellable.
    I was looking for blogs about Carnelian Bay to share on our site and I came across your post…If you’re open to it, shoot me an email at jane(at)dwellable(dot)com.
    Hope to hear from you…would love to share your work on Dwellable!


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