Good old Charlie Brown

2474557252_38e8bcf6e6Charlie Brown statue painted by me 3 years ago for RR Square, Santa Rosa, CA

Brings back memories.  Good ole Charlie Brown, the creation of our local hero Charles Schultz has been immortalized in more ways than you can imagine.  No fewer than 50 of these statues were painted by artists in a big airplane hangar that year.  Why am I showing it now?  Well, the little 5 ft. tall guy still stands there with his arm out on the street corner where he’s been for all these years now.  Innumerable pictures have been posed by his side with children and grandmothers alike.  I remember the crook in my neck and sore knees I got from the job, which took me 4 days! but also the satisfaction of watching people’s faces when they saw their familiar hero dressed up this way and big enough to relate to as a friend.  So please accept Charlie’s hand waving to you as a very personal and friendly greeting.


  1. Yay! I LOVE this Susan! – and it’s so cool to be able to watch people ‘interact’ with your art on a daily basis. I didn’t realize the Peanuts genius was from your neck of the woods. Charlie just seems to brighten up the place doesn’t he?


    1. We have a Schultz museum, ink rink and airport here in Sonoma County, if you can believe it. And our streets are filled with statues like this one of Charlie, Woodstock and Snoopy, all dressed and decorated in different ways by local artists.


      1. You should have seen all the families that came out to the hangar to watch us paint them. And all had cameras. Lots of old people in wheel chairs and babies in buggies and backpacks. I had to pull my hat down over my face and plug in my earphones to get anything done. We used house paint so it would last outside in the elements.


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  3. Hi Susan,

    I’m guessing that you don’t need the Moving Counselor today. How about the Charles Schultz sister city thinker. He was born in the twin cities and started his family of characters in Minneapolis. I haven’t been down there since moving here, but when visiting my sister about 15 years ago, we walked along an art wall that was devoted to the Peanuts family. And not too far from that was the Mary Tyler Moore”s statue, where she throws her hat in the air.

    It was nice to know you were out and about in RR square – a favorite of mine. I recall spending time in your yard, learning to sketch plain aire. Another time, your took us to that Wild Flour bakery in Occidental. And the afternoon was spent in the gardens at The Rose and Thorn.

    I had no idea you painted the Charlie Brown statue in RR square. At one time, I knew several of the artists who participated in the statue event. As I got older, I noticed how easy it was to remember which medical office driveway to pull in, by character statues at the entrances.”

    Thanks for sharing and triggering great memories for me. I hope your weeks are filled with magical moments, sweet ado’s as you pack up and say so long to people, places and things that you will be leaving behind. Imagine all the delights you and Bob will be able to share with the Sonoma County visitors who head north to see you.

    You are loved, Lorna


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