Tween the teens

kandlsketchbook fun with Kali, Libby and Andy in my studio (lavender drying in background)

It’s not often I get to do art with teens even though I live with two.  So it was a delightful change of pace when two of Andy’s friends came over this week for a mini art class before the start of school next Wednesday (they’re all juniors in high school)  I gave them a condensed version of my sketchbooking workshop which, given the hyper plasticity of the youthful brain, was sufficient to advance them quickly in this practice of quick capture painting.  I was stunned and a bit envious at the level of concentration of these three once they got started sketching on their own in the garden.  And that is my excuse for not remembering to take pictures of the girl’s lovely sketches.  But since Andy lives here. . .I snapped a picture of one of his.

andysketchwatercolor, Sharpee pen in Arches travel book by Andy Cornelis

I woke up this morning and was invited to view Carol Weibe’s blog entry and see my art in the eyes of another.  I’ll have to stretch half way to the horizon to fit in those shoes she’s put me in.  Thanks again Carol!


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