quest for the holy grail of art

questacrylic paint and medium, collage, foil

The quest for my holy grail – to be a great artist who gains entrance to the heavenly realm where Van gogh, Botticelli, Cassatt and the others live –  or to live on Mt. Olympus with the Gods and Goddesses, to cavort freely, diving under the water, flying through the vast skies above the temples, the pyramids, and land in the Sierras, becoming granite rock which cracks open, becoming fertile ground for trees to sprout and wind to come whistling through with music tuned to mountain airs.

I just finished this piece begun in the last Muse group with foil collage.  When we come to a certain point in our art play process, we do a five minute free write – writing whatever comes, non-stop.  I love the freedom in art to cross over boundaries of logic and participate in multiple, simultaneous realities.  Why not?  The mind is always ready to drag me back into left brain thinking, like right now when I just realized the 100 degree heat has torched my garden and I better get out and give it some extra water now. . .

The Muse Groups will start up again at the beginning of September and there’s still space in the weekly Tuesday evening group if you’d like to give it a try.



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