and a gaggle of geese

oatmealwet erase pen and watercolor in Arches Travel Book

Day two of the Loon Lake trip was all things I love to do – swimming, paddling, sketching, exploring.

pinetreeWe paddle round the lake to a mammoth slab of granite with this lone cheeky pine dancing on the rock and luring unwary sketchbookers. . .

isabellenapsWith all that paddling and exploring, the explorers got tired, and then there was the midday sun after lunch and we each found a spot of shade for a nap.  After my own nap I sketched Isabelle taking hers.  Ah, the luxury of such a day. . .

campfireAnd in the evening yet another campfire and waiting for the slightly smaller moon to arise over the lake. . .

geeseOn our last morning we were joined by a gaggle of geese at breakfast time – theirs and ours.  They paddled up to our spot on the lake quite brazenly, emerging from the water with an obvious plan that we might invite them to our breakfast.  I suspected that this was not camping etiquette and so resisted hurling my granola their way.  But they stayed long enough for me to stealthily fetch my sketchbook and do some mad dashings in it before they paddled on their way, disappointed no doubt at our stinginess.  You have to understand that for me, sitting pen in hand, 5 feet away from these magnificent birds, was enough to quicken my pulse and leave me in a state of severe longing when they suddenly turned and abandoned us.  Sigh.  I still haven’t recovered.  I guess I’ll have to get my chickens to pose for me again. . .

So that was almost the end of a brief but deliciously memorable weekend.  We returned to “civilization” if you want to call it that. . .down the mountains and back to the bumper to bumper traffic of the hords returning.  Worth every minute of it.



  1. All great sketches, Susan, and I certainly can feel through them how much you enjoyed the trip!
    Isn’t it so wonderful when one can connect all the things one loves to do(swimming, sketching, exploring, padding… we have the same taste!) within one trip? I feel something similar when we are travelling in our Boomobile…


    1. Thanks Miki! I can always feel the pleasure of your trips in your sketches as well. Wow, I am so impressed with your sketches and portraits from your last trip and afterwards.


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