Loon Lake

loonlakewatercolor and brown Sharpee ultra fine pen in Arches Travel Book

Just got back last night from another three day paddle/camping trip in the high Sierras (California) with Seqouia Paddle Clubbers featuring sketching.  We loaded up canoes and kayaks  with camping gear and paddled to the other end of the lake.  Granite rock and pines and crystal clear water that was constantly changing colors along with the sky and wind action.

clafoutiThis was not like a backpacking trip with dried food taken out of vacuum packed bags.  We feasted, and Isabelle had made a Clafouti with fresh cherries (emphasis on the first syllable and I think you have to be French like her to say it right).

carlVis-a-vis wet erase fine point pen, spritzed with water and splattered (by Isabelle) with red ink

Sitting around the campfire after dinner, in the dark, we did a “sketchdare” and first sketched whatever we could see of Carl, and then Dave. . .

daveThen around 9:30pm the moon rose behind the mountains across the lake and everyone was busy trying to capture the glory of it on camera.  I’ve forgotten how to tell my camera to do anything more than point and shoot, so I just stared at it, and next day painted this one from memory.

moonriseThat was day one.  Come back tomorrow for day two.



  1. Susan. Your painting memories of your sojourn are neat. I especially like your memory painting of the moon. Your people drawings are really good and I like what the water did to the ink in those. The canoe painting is so colorful and restful. Having viewed both yours and Isabelle’s gave me a pretty good idea you were both in the same place at the same time.


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