more map exerpts

map4another Lynmar Estate “map” exerpt (original painting 30 X 20″)

The star of any winery estate is always the wine, so I put a big bottle at the entrance of the map. . .

map3and then the place where you go to taste the lovely Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays. . .and sit in the culinary garden or redwood grove. . .

map2but I must admit that my favorite place is the barn and surrounding gardens.  I kept trying to make the chicken smaller, but I just couldn’t do it, but then you may know why. ..

Did I tell you I just got two more chickens to add to my flock?  They are Americanas, the ones that lay blue green colored eggs!  I’ll get a picture of them when I can to post.  And maybe you can help me name then.  One is golden and the other black.


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