the (impossible) map of Lynmar Estate

map11/8th of a 30 X 22′ watercolor on 300 lb CP paper

I haven’t been on vacation the past week.  I’ve been working on my magnum opus sketchbook style map painting of Lynmar Estate.  It includes the vines, buildings, various gardens, animals, view of the waterway and mountains, cars, road, wine caves, pizza over, picnic tables – heck!  I even threw in some bugs!  And the various seasons! And I still left out most of what’s there to experience.   I’ll show the whole painting here once the owner has seen it.  I guess I got a bit obsessed.  But as you may already know, I think the estate is a pretty spectacular ecological niche which has been developed by thoughtful stewards of the land and it’s been an honor to attempt the impossible of “mapping” it.  You can imagine what a field day my little inner critiquer had with me.  So now I officially am putting it to bed and I’m going out in my garden to pull some weeds and pick some apples and trim the lavender plants.


One comment

  1. This part looks already fantastic, Susan, and I really can’t wait to see the rest! You have my deep admiration for this work, for the quality, and for the patience too. I certainly could never do something like that myself… and I so much wished I could!


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