Chinatown, San Francisco

chinatowncard players

Bob and I went into the city to see the Georgia O’Keefe/Ansel Adams and other exhibitions at the MOMA there last Sunday.  Then over to Chinatown for him to do some photography and me to sketch.  I felt rather conspicuous in the park there where half the population of Chinese people in the city were congregating.  The card playing ladies were a good subject though, so engrossed in their game that no one was looking my way.  I loved the way they all seemed so close and harmonious, like a big family, sitting there on their plastic crates and with almost the same identical hats. THere was a live music performance with vocals going on, which to my western ears sounded a great deal like someone shrieking in pain.  So I lasted long enough only for one quick sketch!



  1. I loved Chinatown when I visited there on our U.S. 98 Tour, had to get the food in those little boxes you see on “friends”!! In fact I loved San Francisco full stop, and after years of wondering why people would risk their lives to live there, I finally understood why. I didn’t want to leaver, and experienced a similar “pull” to the one I felt when I first came to Mojacar.


  2. Great sketch, Susan, I adore the composition and the so lively lines!
    So happy to see all the work you did while we were away, always such a great surprise to see all your sketches at the same time.
    Kev Moore was in such a hurry to write about his love of San Francisco that he forgot, as always, to mention how much he likes your sketch! Men…


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