mr and mrs inuksuk


My last day in Canada Judith showed me how to make Inuksuks.  The Inuit people pile up rocks as trail markers.  Actually you’ve probably seen them on mountain trails.  Sometimes they look like people and then they have a kind of totemic effect.  A symbol for the Inuksuk is the logo for the 2010 winter Olympics in Vancouver.  I enjoyed making these so much that I’m thinking of doing a big one for the garden.  Andy says he’ll help.  These are 4-5 inches tall.  The glue wasn’t quite dry when I packed them, so the Mrs. shifted a bit.  I guess she wanted to be dancing!

canada26The time finally came for me to go home to California.  Sigh!  But I do love to travel in any direction and always get a charge out of airports.  Did I tell you that the airport in Smithers has a full sized stuffed grisley bear on display in the middle of the lobby?  And this picture above is the view directly out the waiting room window.

canada27By now I’d gotten the sketching bug and couldn’t stop.  So when everyone on my flight from Vancouver was waiting for their luggage in San Francisco airport I found a seat with a good view and caught these folks while listening to an interesting cell phone conversation next to me.

Well, that’s it for the Canada trip.  ANd now I’ve been back a week  and readjusted to life at home. . .next. . .



  1. Always wondered what these were…they form the artwork for one of Canadian band Rush’s albums.
    Now it’s niggling me as to which one it is…I’ll have to dig it out!


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