International Sketchcrawl day

canada19the log cabin on the lake where I stayed

Looks idyllic, doesn’t it?  And it was, emphatically.  Only there’s something so small you can’t see it in this picture – yes, mosquitoes, plenty of them.  Sneaky things that make their way inside the cabin and torture you at night.  I thought the application I downloaded onto my I-Touch of a mosquito repellent might work.  It emitted a sound and had a picture of a gecko crawling across the screen to scare away the mosquitoes.  It wasn’t til I got to Canada that it occured to me that Canadian mosquitoes would not be in the least impressed by a tropical lizard.  Oh well.  I got to discover the pros and cons of mosquitoe netting over the bed.  They don’t bite you but your warm scent attracks them and you lie there listening to an ever louder chorus of that unmistakable buzzing just inches from your face.

canada20my sketch of the peonies brought from home by Paulie

On the day when the International Sketchcrawl was scheduled I was on my own, my hosts being in attendance at an all-day wedding celebration.  So I had the unusual luxury of wide open time to sketch.  I went around the main house and garden and sketched what I was most interested in and collected wildflowers.

canada21Ed is an avid hunter and fisherman, and I couldn’t resist sketching two of his taxidermy pieces which seemed so alive in their deadness!  When would I ever again get a chance to see these wild creatures in motion and yet absolutely still?

canada23This otter sits on the window sill in Ed’s office downstairs, looking longingly into the fish tank/fountain which Ed has stocked with Rocky Mountain Whitefish.

canada22Then outside to get some air  – Judith’s art studio surrounded by lupine. Wouldn’t you love to do art there?

canada25wildflowers dried and attached and glazed with gel medium

The names of wildflowers!  My favorites were “Goat’s Beard”, “Cow Parsnip”, and “Self-heal”.  I found such satisfaction in finding new ones and looking them up in the plant ID book.

canada24In California we have the Ruby throated and emerald green variety of hummingbird.  In this northern most region of hummingbird habitation there were Calliopes, at times as many as twenty at a time swarming the feeder-orange and yellow greenish and very small, juveniles.

Next:  heading home to California



  1. I am still laughing at the thought of a Canadian mosquito ignoring a tropical lizard “application!” (no less!) How funny!

    I do love your work. And I am inspired.



  2. What an amazing and beautiful spot, Susan.. too bad about the mosquitos… I love your page with the hummingbirds… actually, I love all of your work. Welcome Home.



  3. These I truely beautiful. Some nice place you were at !!
    I love the one of the lynx. How come these hummingbirds get along, and the ones here fight constantly over the feeders ??


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