canadian student sketches

by-Eileenby Eileen

After we’d prepared some sketchbook pages with some color and texture we went outside in the garden to do 15 minute timed sketches of wildflowers.  THese artists didn’t bat an eye, but went right out and did the most lovely little paintings.

sarahby Sarah

An elegant simplification of  a highly complex woodland garden, using a modified contour drawing and keeping the pen on the page.  Connected and flowing.

judithby Judith

After lunch, with a little longer time for each sketch, we did landscapes with a bit more detail.

paulieby Paulie

Quite inspiring, the amount of detail these artists were able to include in a small 5 X 7″ sketchbook in under a half hour!

piaby Pia

For the last class exercise of the day we moved indoors to do a 15 minute sketch of an ordinary, everyday object(s) using a division of space with lines.

I am imagining what it must be like in this beautiful north country when the wildflowers have died and the snow settles in and temperatures plummet to -25 degrees F , so cold that some trees explode! (I am told).  When December rains roll around here in California I know I love being able to sit down for a few minutes and sketch a snapshot of my life without frills.

I thoroughly enjoyed sharing the practice of sketchbooking with a group like this.  One person said it was like having a new toy!  And they have a ready-made group of artist friends to enjoy it with.

Tomorrow:  My own version of the International Sketchcrawl Day



  1. Thanks for sharing your book and the work of your students… the images are wonderful, so free and full of color. It sounds like a great visit in a beautiful spot.


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