imago amore

imagoamorecoffee stained paper, walnut ink, stamps, dried rose petals and grasses, tissue overlay

To:  Imago Amore, the image of the Beloved.  A love letter steeped in personal history and smelling of coffee and rose petals!  Conjuring up images of the many forms of my Beloved from the times of my earliest prayers, mad crushes, obsessions, sweet yearnings and heartbreaks to the present fullness of time.  All still alive in the deep undergrowth of my mind as I arranged and glued and wrote these words with pen dipped in ink.

When turbulent emotions pinch the raw nerves of the creative psyche, there is a choice:  Act on this, or act out on this. . . With art as our alchemy, the pain of the lost lover becomes the pang of the love song. . . “Nothing is wrong, nothing is wasted, everything is possible in art” must become the artist’s credo.

from Walking in this World:  The Practical Art of Creativity by Julia Cameron



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