herons on the laguna de santa rosa

heronsawash watercolor/acrylic on illustration board, 11X21″

The waters of the Laguna de Santa Rosa, the flood plain below my home, are now receding as the rains have become less abundant and frequent.  The egrets and great blue herons are some of my (many) favorite birds which make their home there.  And so I pulled out this almost finished  painting and did a couple of finishing touches to it.  This was a family of three who “posed” for me a couple of years ago.  I struggled to understand how they were to be painted this time.  And now I see that this painting is about their elegant lives in the air, the tree tops where they make their nests, and the water where they fish.

This Saturday is the Equinox Nature Sketchbooking workshop at Lynmar winery on the Laguna.  There’s space for one or two more if you’d like to join us!



  1. Every time you put something up I think “Oh, this is wonderful, this is my favorite one “; WOW ! WOW ! This is beautiful and interesting at the same time.


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