the tree of life

treeoflifeTree of Life, acrylic on textured illustration board, 11 X 15″

This started out as an ocean fantascape, but I have all these root images in me, this tree that keeps appearing in  many forms. So today my ocean got filled up with tree.    And I was not surprised when the serpentine form appeared.  I’ve been reading When the Drummers Were Women by Layne Redmond, a marvelous book about the history of mother goddess cultures, back to the sixth millenium B.C.  THe tree of life is one of the most universal and ancient symbols.  It represents the vertical passageway between the underworld and the heavens which rises up from the navel of the earth and flows with milk and honey at its base, generating life giving fluid.  The serpent (kundalini in the Hindu tradition) and the sacred bird find their dwelling place here.  I’ve been painting similar sorts of images for years and it gives me goosebumps to think that I’ve been unconsciously following a spiritual tradition that is thousands of years old.



  1. Just when I think maybe I’m figuring out how to use brushes to paint, I see this! Makes me retreat to my corner and stare at those darn brushes and ask, Why can’t you do that? Very cool!


  2. Susan, I “Stumbled” this site, giving it the following review:

    “Susan offers a constant stream of beautiful, powerful images that flow from her “soul sketching” method of approaching a subject.”

    I used your words as tags, and trust that many will seize the opportunity to see this image and read your marvelous description. I feel like I’ve been to a spirit nurturing ritual!


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