Babyboomers, the song!

I’m a songwriter!!  Well, not exactly.  But remember the soul sketch I posted, “Your Alter Ego”, about the Baby Boomer in me?  Well, Kev Moore, my gifted musician friend and sometimes collaborator (note the exceptional soundtrack for my Soul Sketching video) has finished writing and recording the lyrics for the song inspired by my words.  I am honored beyond words, and inspired to live up to the image for our generation which is contained in these lyrics.  So go right now to see the handsome Boomer, Kev, and enjoy his (our) song.


One comment

  1. Now I’m blushing! thanks for the inspiration Susan, as i wrote elsewhere in Cafe crem, you words, which form the entire chorus, painted a picture of the entire thing in my mind’s eye. Such fun we have!


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