Phil, the ARTrails greeter

Phil, the cat, never misses a chance to get some lovin’ and give lots back. Yesterday I noticed that he’d stationed himself right outside my door for maximum visibility – which worked great for him, until the afternoon, when suddenly all the canine art viewers arrived simultaneously, much to their collective dismay! The chickens got some attention too. I took two tiny (human) visitors back to see the chickens. Zoe the hen is molting, so the feathers are about an inch deep all over the coop and it looks like someone got caught by a fox! So to reassure the small visitors, and because they absolutely demanded a touch, I brought Gladys out to a pet. (not reckoning on the fact that I was “dressed up” and not in my usual jeans) Gladys promptly relieved herself in a wet stream down my pant leg.

But otherwise, it’s been a great Open Studios-a steady stream of art loving visitors – even some buyers in this much heralded economic downturn – and lots of new students wanting to engage in some art play with me and signing up for workshops. Here are some of the most popular pieces, giclee prints from paintings done in my earlier transparent watercolor style.

“The Barns We Love” (available in many sizes giclee prints)

“Rose, Persimmon Quartet”, (available in many sizes giclee prints)

“Floral Currents” (available in many sizes giclee prints)


  1. Don’t be harsh on Gladys, susan1 that’s good luck for you! (in our tradition). Be quick to buy a lottery ticket, especially if a crow or some other bird bombards you!

    Glad it was a succes, your Artitrail thing!


  2. Danu: That is so funny. A bird shits on you and that’s good luck? Very enlightened philosophy I would say. I do believe that it is occurences like that which serve to wake us up in some way – or maybe loosen us up or hopefully make us laugh so that we don’t take life so seriously – or all of the above.


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