Month: October 2006

Such a difference

I was playing with my Halloween spider webbing again, painting Sumi ink and acrylic over it and letting it dry. Then I just sat and stared at it for a while until this idea arose, about how I’m approaching things these days. Definitely more right hemisphere. Such a difference from the other way of doing art, which starts with something to copy or a plan about how to apply technique for a certain anticipated effect. There’s no anticipation here, just a patient waiting for something to assert itself into awareness.


Such a difference
1. When you think your way in, projecting, imposing, transposing and

2. When you let it percolate, evoke, elicit, erupt, and possibly interrupt what you thought was there. . . and there’s a new voice coming forth. . . foreign. . . and yet your own


Lulu and Kareem

My chickens moved in this weekend with my whole family putting together their pen and taking turns holding their squirmy, pecky bodies. They’ve captured my heart with their sweet chicky language which calms the nerves and communicates from the other, nature side of life. They’re both Silkies, hence their high fashion hats, and approximately 4 months old, and supposedly they’re both girls (though that’s not for certain yet). By spring they should be laying little eggs (if one or both of them doesn’t start crowing at 5 a.m.) Andy adopted the blue black one immediately and named her after a basketball star, Kareem. I protested, since I’m the only girl in this family and need allies with girl names. She will probably turn out to be a he with a name like that. That’s exactly what happened to our girl cat named Phil (by my boys), who turned out to be a boy. Anyway, they’re enormously sketchable, so I’ll get on that tomorrow.





Sketching the stars

Seems like the only time I get to sit down during my day is in the car, (the kid taxi service I run), blogging, and a bit of T.V. watching in the evening when I know that I would fall asleep if there were a book in my hands. I don’t really like TV enough, so if I don’t have a pile of laundry beside me on the couch to fold, I pick up of sketchbook and pencil and draw something from a magazine or newspaper. . . like Nick and Sam.




Where is your imagination resting today? Mine is with chickens. I’ve wanted them for years now and finally got the go ahead to get some. Still in the research stage, but soon. So when I start playing with my Sumi ink what should appear?


Feeling chicken? . . . no
In a rush? . . . yes
Time to get those chickens? . . . YES!

Sweat your prayers

Strange name for an event, but that’s where I was Friday night at the community center – Sweat Your Prayers or Dance Wave or Five Rhythmns. Everyone dancing to the rhythmns of the music and connecting with their own inner ones. Quite ecstatic. Flowing is my favorite rhythmn and inspired this painting.